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Adsbot 101: Fundamental Features
Adsbot 101: Fundamental Features

Fundamental features for you to get the most benefit from your Google Ads.

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Rules | Smart Tasks

Rules are the best way to automate and optimize your account. There are 23 predefined tasks designed for a specific target in your account. You can customize the rules based on your needs. Some rules create alerts, and some create recommendations, which give you more control over your account. Please take a look at all the rules here.

> click Rules on the left menu

Quick Insights | Account Health Check

Quick insights are the alerts of the rules, and this tab is the one you should track. Categorized based on importance level, you will get a report for each rule; can filter/download it. You can see when the rule is generated and get a recommendation idea about how to optimize it.

> click Quick Insights on the left menu

Dashboard | Ad Reports All-in-One

Allows you to analyze your data simply with custom reports built-in in a single dashboard. Track your essential KPIs in a simple way, shows how close you are to your target, and see your key metrics.

> click Dashboard Overview on the left menu

Brand Checker | Do you track and save competitor ads?

You can with Adsbot! Meet Adsbot's all-time-fav rule.Brand Checker tracks your brand keywords and gets all data via SERP and notifies if you are not on that auction. The title, headline and position of all websites in that auction are provided. Track any keyword in any language/ geo you want to analyze the competition. See how to set up brand checker

> click Rules > Brand Checker

Paid & Organic Analysis | Power of SEO & SEM

Yes, SEO and SEM are powerful together; this rule will unlock the combination of Organic Search and Google Ads. It allows you to lower costs and maximize your visibility on SERP. If your keywords are good at Google organic results and rank in the top position, don’t waste any and get complete visibility on SERP.

> click Rules > Paid & Organic Analysis

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