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How to set up the Brand Checker?
How to set up the Brand Checker?

Adsbot users all time fav rule: Brand Checker.

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You can find the brand checker feature in the Rules section of the left panel.

Go detail of the rule.

Adding Queries:

You need to enter your domain and click add button on the right.

Then, enter the query you want to track, country, domain, language, and device type.

  • You may enter queries up to 10.

  • The query can be your brand name, competitor's name, or the keyword you want to track the ad results.

    For example:

    Nike is your brand name: you can see what competitors are bidding on your brand

    Adidas is your competitor: you can see what they are promoting

    Sneaker is the keyword you want to track:

When you finish these parts, click add query and add queries.

Once you add your domain, you don't need to enter it again.

  • Adsbot checks the exact match of these queries:

Saving Queries:

When you are done with adding queries, you need to click save.


Once you save, Adsbot checks SERP and tracks these queries, and saves it if it finds any advertiser bidding on them.

Happy spying! ๐Ÿ•ต๏ธโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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