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Getting Started Guide

Your mission is to get the most benefit from your ads, and Adsbot is your 24/7 assistant.

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Your mission is to get the most benefit from your ads, and Adsbot is your 24/7 assistant. Let's get started!

Sign up steps

  • Create a workspace where you connect your Google Ads account and manage it. Here is the detailed guide.

    • Click 'Create a workspace'

    • Set a name for your workspace, e.g Adsbot

    • Connect which Google Ads Account you want to use Adsbot.

      This email can be different from the one you signed up for. You will be redirected to the Google Authorization page where you will authorize Adsbot to connect your account. Don't worry we won't make any changes to your account; you will be in charge of managing the account.

  • Enable the account/accounts. You need to link account/accounts that you want use.

When you link your account, Adsbot begins to run predefined rules. You are ready to optimize!
​You can connect:

  • Meta.

  • Google search console

  • Adjust

Dashboard Guide

See detailed guide.

Dashboard Overview | Ad Reports All-in-One

Analyze your data with custom reports in a single dashboard. Track your essential KPIs and your targets.

Quick Insight | Account Health Check

The alerts of the rules, the part you should take a look constantly to take the full control of your account.

Performance | Complicated Analysis Simplified
Custom reports built in a single dashboard. Quality score analysis, daytime analysis, match type breakdown analysis... and more.

Rules |Β Take Control with Smart Tasks

Best way to automate and optimize. 23 predefined tasks designed for a specific target in your account. Some rules create alerts, some create recommendations. See all the rules.

Inputs Needed

Brand Checker

budget control


target overview

🎊 Congrats, you are fully ready to optimize your ads!

πŸ’™ Don't forget to control your quick insights and have fun while optimizing!

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