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“I would like to share our Adsbot journey that we have been working on for a long time and have been active since the first days of 2021.

Adsbot is a product of the experiences we have gained in different verticals with my partners, Gökçe Argun, Ümit Mustafa, Burak Dağlı, and Ömer Faruk Çelebi.

Over the years that we have been working, we experienced that however different the structures of different brands, agencies, and start-ups in the digital marketing industry might be, their fundamental needs are common: to get the maximum efficiency from digital advertising.

We experienced that marketing teams' technology needs are crucial, but their technology sources are insufficient to provide a fast and easy solution. The desire to produce solutions to the fundamental needs of marketers made us create an automated structure by utilizing AI technology. We proudly present Adsbot, the solution that will facilitate the daily life of marketers without the need for code knowledge and infrastructure.

Day by day, with our growing team, Adsbot creates value for agencies, brands, and startups who want to get the most out of their digital advertising. We continue to create new features with our growing team and the needs of our solution partners with whom we cooperate! ”

Can Kıvanç | Co-founder of Adsbot

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