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Travel Industry Case Study: Setur
Travel Industry Case Study: Setur

Here is our case study reflecting Adsbot’s success, even in the most complicated campaign structures in the travel industry.

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Setur is a leading global travel company. Since the beginning of 2021, the marketing team has been optimizing ad accounts with Adsbot. With the nature of the travel industry, Setur has a dynamic Google Ads account with complex campaign structures and high spending.

Adsbot and Setur collaboration results in a significant amount of improvement in KPIs. proven results in monthly average:

💸 12% Revenue Increase

💰 30 % Cost Saving

🤖 40 % Less Manual Work

Setur says:

“We have been using Adsbot for two years; it makes it possible to automate many manual processes with its constantly improving algorithmic structure and infrastructure that can be easily integrated into different projects.

Although you can get some insights from Google Ads' panel, being easily accessible all in one place prevents a significant loss of time and effort. With its smart alert and notification features, it always makes you careful and controlled in real-time. If you are managing a large budget and quite a lot of campaigns, Adsbot will be as helpful as your assistant.”

Olcay Irmak / Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Setur

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